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Vancouver island Tofino, is the surfing capital of Canada. All along the west-coast is surf depending on the weather. Winter gets the best swells but you will need a wetsuit, booties, and gloves. Summer you get to take off the hoodie and gloves, the wet suit stays on.

Ucuelet is below Tofino and although their is no actual breaks in ukey it is much cheaper for accomodations. If you have a car I recommend Ucluelet as a alternative to Tofino. Camping is an alternative but your tent better be waterproof and park warderns are everywhere.

Getting to Vancouver island is not easy or cheap. The ferry ride is over an hour cost about fifty dollars for you and your woody. Their is the Tofino bus once you are on the island, runs daily from Nanaimo for just over forty dollars. If your looking for something closer to civilization, the town of Sooke an hour away from Victoria, has some of the best surf on the right days. Carefull though localism does exist on some spots.

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