Surfing-Canada, East-coast

East-coast surfing is colder than the west-coast but depending on your location heading to the atlantic might be closer to your home.

Lawrencetown is the more popular surf location in Nova-Scotia Canada. Unlike Tofino it's not full of surf board shops and surf camps are not abundant. I only spent a day in lawrencetown but, driving down the road their is a surf shop, I could not find anyone. Lot's of wetsuits and boards lying around It's cold

Surf Forecast should be checked before heading out as temperatures are dramatically colder as it snows all winter. Full wetsuits must be warn and booties and hoodies are recommended all year. Look out for the ice. Don't surf alone!!!

Winter surfing is made more enjoyable with a warm van to get into after your surf session, as you will become numb after spending time in the cold atlantic ocean.

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