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Surf in Canada? The first thing you think of is probably not surfing. Surfing-Canada, beach, point, and reef breaks. Surfing in Canada on the lakes, in the rivers, is probably also not what is thought of when your surfing canada.

It may be winter three months of the year, but surfing goes on for twelve. In the ocean, in the lakes, even in the rivers, surfers in Canada are passionate and willing to take to the cold for a lifestyle only a surfer could know. This website's mission statement "To introduce the sport of surfing to all Canadians." I know Lacrosse is Canada's national sport even though hockey is Canada's most popular sport. I also know Surfing in Canada will never be the national sport like Australia. The sport is a growing here in Canada. Surf school's are poping up everywhere. Thousands of miles from the ocean. It show passion about the sport, and are willing to try alternatives to the standard ocean sport we have all seen on tv. Canadians have taken full advantage of the waterway.

Tofino, surfing capital on the west-coast, and in Canada. On the other side of the country Lawrencetown, surfing hot spot on the east-coast. Our surfing guide will help you find the perfect break for you. If you are fortunate to have access to a ride-able wave, and someone to show you the basics, great. If you can't get someone to take you out to get comfortable in the environment you choose to surf. This website is for you. After starring at your local break for weeks or years on end to finally decide to try and ride the wave by yourself. This website is here to get you into the water. Info on all things surf gear, lessons, lingo, tips.

Location, every province has their unique surf scene. Places to stay, you are not going to learn to surf in a day. Months can pass by and constant practice will ensure you will be able to ride any wave Canada can bring you. The gear will be available to buy here online at the surfshop. Surfing pictures will help choose your next surf vacation in Canada. If you have some pictures you want to send me. I will be making a photo gallery to showcase the surfing in Canada in all it's glory. East to west and everything in between.

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